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"The New York Daily News" reported on Monday the first Smith's absence, ESPN New York station then reported Smith and some of his teammates went to see the movie because there is no time back but absent meeting. When Smith answered questions from time to time showing restless, last week after another thing bothering him, he's starting position is threatened, some fans and media clamoring let Vick to replace him. And after last week's 17 to 24 loss to the Detroit Lions, he walked down the pitch towards Shihai fans because he was yelling back, although in a timely manner after the game to apologize, the Union also punished him $ 12,000.

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Smith pass 12 times in the first half on Sunday successfully four times to get only 27 yards and once steals, while Vick not much better, 19 passes eight times successfully get 47 yards. Jets losing streak four games, only one point did not have a team this season. While complaining about the coach lost the game, but still insisted Smith Metrodome in New York next week against Peyton - Manning led the Denver Broncos will be starting. He said: "This is not a man of his reason for doing the defense on the field to do a cover of a person he is not, nor is it someone else's problem if you want to blame someone, that is my next week remains our keno.. starter, is such a case. "

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Los Angeles has been almost 20 years without NFL teams, but the latest reports indicated there will be one or two teams back to Los Angeles, back to their original home. Pro Football commentator Mike - Foluo Rui (Mike Florio), said news from the NFL league is shown in the next 1-2 years there will be a 1-2 team moved to Los Angeles. In 2015 or 2016 off-season, will complete the relocation, temporary home to borrow the rock or the Rose Bowl Stadium home until a new stadium build. The new stadium construction in the downtown area might.

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There are three teams are likely to Los Angeles - Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams. Raiders and Rams have stayed in Los Angeles but have left after 1994, while the Lightning team in the AFL era spent in Los Angeles in 1960.
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Also, according to the history of Los Angeles, the three teams are no problems on the stadium lease. Raiders end of the season stadium lease expires, but the Rams expires in 2015, Lightning team may need to pay a certain fee transform the venue, but the time will not be long. Last month, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Oakland Raiders have stopped providing a new stadium plan.